California Superbike School presents:
The Art Of Cornering
A film exploring the racetrack experience.

The Art of Cornering is a three and a half minute long expression of the freedom of motorcycle riding. Produced for California Superbike School by a recent student, the film explores how to elevate the motorcycle experience with proper training, coaching, and laps on the racetrack.

While the freedom of the open road and the wind in your hair have long been championed as the great motorcycle experience, rarely is the racetrack recognized as a source of soul nurturing.

The Art of Cornering documents Keith Code’s legendary motorcycle school and eloquently conveys the self-realization and satisfaction achievable on the track. Code waxes poetically about the allure of motorcycle riding and the importance of proper coaching. He articulates how much freedom is achievable when riders are able to explore the potential of themselves and their bikes in the controlled environment of a track. Additionally, he elaborates on how much more freedom is attainable with better comprehension of the bike and the physics of riding.