Its not often we get hyped about a surf competition on the Jersey Shore! Usually for me, this means my son has an Eastern Surf Association Contest but this isn’t amateur by any means. These are the real players hailing from NY & NJ, guys that grew up in the Northeast and aren’t afraid to get wet when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate! Point blank they know how to navigate through treacherous conditions, bitter cold, in a freezing climate! It will be taking place in Asbury Park, the waiting period begins Feb 27th, and will continue to March 18th. I’m sure they will be keeping a close eye on conditions.
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photo by Jeremy Hall / Six Mag

Sam Hammer, Tommy Ihnken, have been critical in my son’s development as a competitive surfer, so it’s no secret that we will be bundled up on the beach that day cheering them on, but this won’t be an average walk in the park, all of these guys have solidified a name for themselves here on the east coast and beyond!