Keeping the art and culture of graffiti alive and firmly rooted,
TDK/TMC Family does it again…

With one of a kind artwork from local graffiti artists and worldwide,
DJs on the 1s and 2s, flows in the cypher, Bboys, Bgirls and live drums,
this type of all ages event only comes once in a blue moon.

Check out my pics from last Saturday’s
The Jacket Show 2

hosted by Oakland Terminal,

with pieces by Amend, Dyl, Mirez, Skept, King157 and Zest.

And big ups to Lil’ John TDK, Gyro TDK, Eli TMC, Myk1 TMC and Oakland Terminal
for organizing and curating one of the dopest events in recent memory.
Youz the bomb (pun intended).

If you missed The Jacket Show, this will be your last chance.