It’s that time of the year again when the Philippines best car customizers gather at the SMX convention center for the Manila Auto Salon. This year’s show packed a variety of interesting builds. I won’t go to detail on some of the cars as I plan to schedule individual shoots. On to the photos.

Let’s start with the 4×4’s. Good to see a couple of Defender’s this year. Still my favorite truck, by far. 

First time to see a Bowler D90 in Manila.

The price range for Defender’s still maintains its premium in Manila. Used models are usually priced higher than the dealers back in 97. Too bad we let go of ours really early.   

LC70 Wagon from Dubai. Love this car.

Manila is also known for it’s reputable 4×4 shops. Check out this pristine LC80.

A resto-modded LC70 was also present.

One of the show’s winner.

A bunch of seriously modified Kei trucks. 199 Offroad House is a very popular shop for these types of builds, a must-see booth every year,

Dekatora style?


A fully-restored burgundy Mustang fastback. Muscle cars here in Manila recently declined in attendance at shows.


On to the cars. Emperor Motorsports, known for its Evo’s, Subaru’s and GTR brought in their Top Secret R35.


Mix and match parts works well on this FT-86 (Scion FRS).

Nicely done IS350.

My friend Al Lu from HP Racing/Achilles debuted his FC RX-7. Really refreshing to see classic Japanese sports cars at the show.

Coverage of the Manila Auto Salon wouldn’t be properly ‘covered’ if cars from Car Porn Racing aren’t included.

Ian King and Kim Garcia brought in their latest build, this Prior Design W230 SL Benz.

Ian installed his signature Air Rex Air Suspension and DPE Wheels. Easily becoming one of the crowd’s favorites.

Keith Bryan Haw also debuted his E92 M3, he is known for bagging numerous awards for different cars through the years. This one had Vorsteiner carbon fiber kit and DPE wheels.

What I love about his car is how he kept the details on the kit. Painted carbon fiber? Taste.

I just loved how this car progressed through time. The Skyfiro which started out as a stock A31 Cefiro, chopped and bagged with 1UZ engine.

The car had different looks throughout the years, but this one is my favorite. Definitely in need of a feature.

 Can you imagine how much amount of work was put into the ‘truck’

RWB Victoria was also present with its new LS3 V8 crate engine.

And her new wheels, Work Wheels M1 3 piece.

The General now had a RWB Triple Tier Wing made by Nakai-San himself.

Manila’s latest RWB, Kirsten was also present. Beautiful.

Check out those optional ultra-aggressive RWB fender flaps.

Liberty Walk? Finally in Manila. This GTR by Emperor Motorsports was also at the Car Porn Racing area since the suspension was installed at their shop.

Those nearly color-matched stickers added character to the build.  No need to go full detail on the kit. More here: Conversations with Kei Miura 

The car was prepped in less than 3 weeks for the show by Paint Plus Precision Painting. Car looked aggressive on all angles. Can’t wait to see this on the streets!

Hope you enjoyed. Be back in a few days.

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