I kept my eyes focused on the details and carefully stepped on the rocks. I couldn’t see both side views of the trail because I was scared to fall. After few minutes, my feet started moving like it had a life of its own. Finally I gained little confidence and was able to look at a wider vision yet there were parts that’s still blurry. I tried to be fast but my heart was pounding. My legs were trembling but I kept them strong before it loses its momentum. The wind blows and each time it passed, it was getting stronger. The rain poured and the darkness was about to swallow the golden rays of the sun. My body was still eager to get up there to the top. There was no more turning back. The moment I was waiting for arrived and I had to take my chance and walked as many steps as I could until I get to the holy top. My heart kept pounding still. The higher the inclination the faster my heart beat. I had no control of myself anymore and can just fall at any moment. There was fear and excitement, clarity and confusion but I just let myself go. I surrendered my fate to the wind and let it take me to the current. Almost there. Grasses were crawling towards my direction asking me to grab on to them in order not to fall. 


Finally, I reached the apex. 

I’m on the summit.

I could see everything.

The fear vanished.

Everything’s clear. 

I gaze the moon and the thousands of glitters enfolding the whole world. 

It was magical. 

There was no need of words.  

My heart stopped beating for a second. 

The happiness was coming from another dimension. 

I was able to think everything so clear. 

It was powerful enough that it fully captivated my heart. 

The night got deeper, the stars had to go to sleep. 

I woke up with the warmth of sunrise. 

A new day shall arise.

I found myself smiling like I just dreamt of a paradise and will keep dreaming while I was there on the top. 

I got down carefully and this time with respect to the soul of the world and with pride inside my heart. 

I thought about doing it again but next time it will be with another paradise.