We, as in Lara Bandler, Thuy Nguyen, Jeah Perlata, Kari Caden, and I walked down, from the house in the hills, to the vitaminwater® – FADER Magazine party.  I must say it was pulling teeth to get the girls to walk 200 yards.  I think the comment was “this is LA not NY”

But after a little coaxing and some shoe bags we made it and did a quick fashion switch just feet away from The American Legion.

Lara confidently directed everyone into the Expedited Check In.  Just in case you didn’t know Lara is the one who made vitaminwater® – vitaminwater®.

When we arrived we went straight for the stage.  The invite said “anything could happen”.  Well I listened to one song of Zola Jesus which I liked, but the next three sounded the same, so I went to get scout the location.

“Heeyyy, what can I get you”.…  Hmmm – I see lots of vitaminwater options, but you drinkers have Heineken or Heineken.

Someone definitely was bored.

I found and Illest fan.  Do we know him?

And isn’t the girl in the glasses Sara Morrison?

Change in music.  The Dream is on.

If no one else, I know Thuy and Oh my Jeah dig the soft beats.


This is the first time I have seen anyone actually wear “these” since “we” went to the release party @ fashion week last summer.

I thought you might like a closer look.

I love the effort on the “good looks”

And Annie is so beautiful she doesn’t have to put any effort into looking anything but hot.

The DJ is up.

The MC is on.

And here comes Mr. Rick Ross.

I thought you might like a closer look at his jewels.

And his shoes.

What’chu need baby?

I’m all set with today’s accessories.

It looks and smells like Omarion.

Everything about him was old school except YSL belt.  Rozay had one on too.

Blondie, I think I recognize you from motherless.com

I’m hustlin

Ricky Rozay “white” African rapper – French Montana.


Glaceau ran out of Smart Water – that’s smart

Another one for Life’s memory chest.