The Nismo Omori Factory, located in Tsurumi, Yokohama City serves as the mecca of NISMO parts around Tokyo. The workshop caters to tuning and rebuilding of several high performance Nissan engines, this also includes a GT-R chassis build program.
A testament of Nissan’s love for motorsports, the Omori Factory services several “Nismo-Spec” vehicles. Here are some of the photos from visit last 2019.

Dry carbon fiber Z-Tune parts were available for the R34. The fenders were around 460,000 Yen.

We visited the workshop with a good friend from Japan, Takashi Mori.

Here’s an VRH34A V8 motor that was used in the Super GT series.

As a service-performance arm of Nissan Japan, the Omori Factory follows its strict schedule on services. I believe it’s fully booked for 1 year?

Several cars were on display. Here’s some.

An N1 for the streets, the RB26 Final Edition.

Can’t wait to be back! Hope you enjoyed this post.

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