Caught up with Marlon Goldberg, Creator and Founder of Workshop 5001 who is known for making Porsche’s that sings a pretty sweet note.

EG: What is Workshop 5001, Who founded it? Where/Location of the atelier?

MG: LA workshop 5001 Inc. is an Automotive Business in Los Angeles. Our specialty is engine building and full restoration, but we also have a retail dealer license. We can assist clients with ANYTHING automotive, regardless of complexity. Our shop is located in the Historic West Adams neighborhood of LA in a 1951 Bowtruss warehouse that we fully restored. We are 5-10min from LAX, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Please don’t use the word Atelier. We aren’t that fancy 😉

Marlon in action.
no substitutes

EG: What is Workshop 5001’s Mission?
MG: Our mission is to offer the highest level of service and quality to our clients, I can’t think of a politically correct way to answer this. If clients understand what they are looking at, they will figure out on their own what makes us different. 

EG: How did you first get into Porsche?
MG: I’ve been obsessed with Porsche since I was a little kid, so hard to say what really started it all, but my dad having a 1987 944S and then trading it for a 1991 964 cabriolet had a big influence. 

EG: What model is your favorite model and why?
MG: My favorite model is the 964. It’s just the perfect blend of new and old
aside from 911 we do some 356 as well. Have also done structural repairs and fabrication on 914 lots of stuff in the works.

Perfect Combination of old and new.
964 Speedster
Build #7
A 964 coming from a resto-mod back to its original and form

EG: Future plans and vision of workshop 5001?
MG: future plans, people will just have to wait and see! -Marlon

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Photography Credits to Ben Massey

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