Last July 25, we gathered at Circuit Place Makati to commemorate a friend, an inspiration to the community, a legend – Iori Richard Suzuki.

Best known to unite people, he was honored in an inmate meet by guests from different branches of the Philippine car culture.  Based in Osaka, his family flew in to Manila to celebrate “year one”.  Here are some of the photos from the gathering.


One of Iori’s goals is to establish late night meets with different types of builds. To continue what he started, the “friends and family” gathering was organized by Jeiven Perez of Sushi Factory.


Best known for his classic builds, Jeiven drove in his Celica with featuring new wheels – SSR Tomcats.


A car I shot for this blog a few months ago, Sushi Factory’s tastefully built E21. Would love to take more photos before I roll out the Offset Kings feature.


My good friend, Aurick Go came in with his newly painted FD3S. What an all-around build!


What makes the car unique is his different take on the wheels – a set of Mazdaspeed MS-02.


The Philippines, known for its solid Honda base has several interesting builds. Here’s one.


Being good friends with Kazuhiro Furukawa of Osaka JDM, Iori is trusted by the shop to bring in parts.


Kazuhiro Furukawa himself flew in from Osaka to join “year one”. See you in Okayama!


FF, AWD, FR – all love from the community.


Being the President of Club MR2, his legacy was remembered by the club with a good number of MR2s.


One of Manila’s craziest air-cooled builds, “Lucille”, a 1968 VW Type 3 Fastback owned by Ian Magbanua. This needs a proper shoot too!


So much character.


Chepe Feliciano drove in with Car Porn Racing‘s 964 Targa, Expect a full feature soon!


Ian had a gift to Iori’s mom, a render of the “War Horse”. See you soon, tita!


Starting the night with a prayer.


A good talk point during the meet was a photo of a car sent to me when I was en-route that night…


It was his ultimate dream car, zero traces, never seen in Philippine soil.. surfaces on the eve of “year one”. When you get acquainted with such a novelty, you remember that even online games for boys on popular websites are using it everywhere.

Looks like someone is enjoying his car up there.

For love. For unity. For Iori.


Watch this video from Steven Flor.


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