StussyxNSW: Past, Present and Future

To commemorate Stussy’s 30th anniversary, NSW and Stussy bring a collection featuring a dope pair of all court mids, a jacket and a tshirt.  Several high profile artists were interviewed about the collection, and their interviews are on Stussy’s Website Pictures courtesy of Stussy.  The collection drops at Stussy chapter stores on December 3rd.

Crew Forty Five

It was a cold Sunday Morning as I was on the way to meet up with the guys from Crew45. Sipping on some hot coffee I rushed to the meeting spot on Sahara. Such an awesome sight to see four slammed Q45’s on the road. We made it down to the arts district to a…

Soul Rgmt World Champ

We just received the new Soul Rgmt world champion tee in. We also received the new Undisputed Champs sticker. Swing by the shop and pick it up! Fatlace 1630 Post Street San Francisco, CA 94115 415.409.3281

GT5: Photo Challenge

Dear Everyone, My life has ended the day the long awaited GranTurismo 5 was released. I can’t begin to explain how amazing this game but it was well worth the 4 year wait and 90 minute install and the continuous updates and uhh… anyways! I’ve been seeing some amazing and spectacular photos circulating the net…

Thanksgiving/Hiking In NH

I went home to New Hampshire to have thanksgiving with some of my family. Even though there is no snow on the ground yet, it is freezing up their. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the outdoors. Right down the street from my house is Lake Massabesic. It is a fresh water reserve for the…

Raashan Ahmad “Beautiful Ugly”

[youtube]![/youtube] The homie Raashan getting ready to drop his new album “For What You’ve Lost” soon. Nothing but jazz, soul and positive vibe. Let’s go!

Vegas project

Spent the first 2 weeks of November in Las Vegas… now im going back at it again for 1 week to finish up a very exciting project with my employer… this is all I can share for now… stay tuned for more 😉 j.martinez