13 Oct 2012

Fatlace Shop

Check out the new Fatlace Shop here.

02 Oct 2012

Illest x Transformers LA Release Recap

Yesterday the long awaited Illest x Transformers Original Art Collection dropped at both Illest flagship locations in SF and LA. The LA drop had fans waiting in line from early in the morning until Noon when doors opened. The first 10 customers received a copy of Transformers “Fall of Cybertron”

02 Oct 2012

Fatlace Portrero Bike Frame now for sale

With the emerging popularity of fixed gear bicycles, an increase in bicycle enthusiasts has penetrated popular culture and are looking to stay. A fixed gear is a popular term for a bike with no freewheel. The bike itself cannot coast, as the pedals always have to be in motion. In

01 Oct 2012

BOTB Fall 12' – "Anti-Heroine" Collection

I seriously love my job. My boss, Misslawn kills it again for another collection! LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Check out the full lookbook here! Check out the full lookbook here! Official Site | whatthehellz.com Facebook | whatthehellz  x  Twitter | @whatthehellz Tumblr | wthellz  x  Instagram | @whatthehellz

23 Sep 2012

GPPR Presents Fall 2012: "The (R)Evolutionary Experience"

New menswear line, GPPR (stands for Gentleman, Philosopher, Pervert, Rebel) = Big shit poppin’. Check our new collection for Fall 2012. Amazing!  

15 Sep 2012

EAST 50ft Pyroglyphiks piece titled 'ANCESTORS'

‘Pyroglyphiks,’ a style created by legendary PHASE2,  is not about rockin’ your name or ego. It is a meaningful, selfless & complex way of expression rocked on a massive scale, that encourages the viewer to feel positive vibes & energy flow of the entire piece verses reading the word. This

21 Aug 2012

Desktop Images

Here’s some desktop images for you guys to add to your cpu’s and tablets. iPhone backgrounds coming soon!

26 Jul 2012

Lance Sithammalat’s Honda Fit

Yes, this is the same Honda Fit that has graced the pages of this blog and Facebook page before…but now I am able to fully share how awesome this car is.  From OEM+ styled body lines to classic wheel choice, Lance Sithammalat and his dad Katsu could not have put