4 annual year ender posts after, 2016 marked my 3rd year with Fatlace – a group which I consider more than just being “car friends”. As the curtains close for this year, memories that solidified the “local car scene” into the map resonates in the back of my head.

Comparing 2016 with 2015 in terms of content, my 2015 posts received better numbers in terms of tackled features. But now as I looked back at my busiest year ever, I felt that even less in figures, 2016 was a better year for me and everything I do.

On to this year’s ender special.


One with SF.

Being thousands of miles apart with the core Fatlace group, Manila’s Stay Fresh Crew remains solid thanks to late night social media conversations with several members of the family.

This gives us a fresh take in designs, articles, and ideas which inspires us to raise the bar in what we do here in the Philippines.


More than “just” cars.

“I wouldn’t say that I’ve accomplished my task to even close by 50%, but I am happy that in my own simple way I had an outlet on my thoughts about the car culture.”  1 year after saying this in my 2015 year ender, I concluded that more to than just being my “passion” or “outlet” , I realized that learning something new from each one I’ve encountered is beyond comparison..



To learn more, I make it a point to join the Fatlace family in at least in one trip overseas. My first choice? JapanA place I consider my home away from home. If you have seen my recent posts, most of them are from The Land of the Rising Sun, as it transports my imagination into different scenarios.


Filipino Pride, All Day Everyday.

Still, Manila’s builds remain close to my heart. Exhibiting what the Filipinos are capable off still stands as my number one mission here on Fatlace / Hellaflush.


Doing what you love.

Blogging here has funnelled my way of doing things I love on a daily basis. Backtrack to the first quarter of 2016 as I’ve featured a good number of lifestyle events for the blog.



This includes Kanye West’s LEGENDARY performance in Manila (you can quote me saying it was legendary). Hands down, Paradise International Music Festival did an amazing job flying in ‘Ye.



Outside the “car world”, another unforgettable moment was Kobe Bryant’s arrival in Manila. Getting up close with my number one “hero” after his retirement was surreal.  My favorite quote from the Mamba? “I stopped at 60.” 


A fresh start.

“Blogging opened a lot of opportunities for me, I wish I could share more about this, but its something I look to forward to. It’s the next step in showcasing why the Philippines is an awesome country.” Another line from 2015’s year ender.  This year I gave up my 9 – 5 for a new life… This year, a new “baby” was born – SA’ICHI. The blog features Sole Academy’s products, events, and game-changers.  With me being the site’s E-I-C, writing and taking photos has now been a part of my everyday life.



1 year after the lost the our great friend, Iori Suzuki. His principles continue to branch out into our community’s perspectives.


Mi Familia – Manila Fitted.

2016 marked Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted‘s 7th Year. What makes this year special is it being the 5th consecutive year in gathering different kinds of enthusiasts. 2016 logged 6 meets in Bonifacio Global City and two special collaborative meets outside the country.


One of them was “Osaka by Fire“, a joint effort with Kixstanced – which served as the region’s “welcome drinks”.


After 4 years, I fulfilled my promise to the FlushStyle Team in returning to Bangkok. Scheduled as a week for me/us to unwind and relax, the team threw in a special late-night meet which gathered a good number of cars. Expect its full feature early next year.


Twenty seventeen. 

For 2017, several builds from Manila and Osaka are already planned as featured cars. A trip back to Japan with the Stay Fresh Crew is necessary as I opted out for Tokyo Auto Salon 2017. Maybe SF’s SFC is scheduled to visit us too? To add, who knows maybe we can join our friends over at Upshift Guam?


An update on Car Porn Racing’s builds is a must. Who knows which car? Only time will tell. Hats off to whole CPR team for an amazing 2016.  Also, expect me to touchbase on more local builds this upcoming year.


Projects come and projects go? Not anymore.

This year, despite the temptations in pursuing a step in my dream, I made it sure to meticulously work on my ER34 project starting from designing its visual aspects up to its wheel fitment. Thanks to Kohei Fujii and HP Racing, a new set from Work Wheels Japan finally arrived this year. To contrast the set, its aero panels received a makeover care of Atoy Customs – a customizer which specializes in luxury vans, 4x4s, and imports.


Before the shop worked on the end product, I banked on my original hobby – sketching. Personally rendering the kit from scratch before transferring it into CGI was a huge but worthwhile challenge.


Here’s a CGI of the car with its previous front fenders. I’f money weren’t an issue, those Porsche Fuchs styled wheel would be my primary choice – may it be from Rotiform or Fifteen52.


For 2017, expect the car the car to be “finished” as I plan to install its ultimate prize –  the RAUH-Welt Begriff banner personally from Akira Nakai.


Up to this day, my gem from 2015 remains to be untouched, the c110 Skyline. After a number of offers, the Yonmeri remains and will always be with me. Starting on the mechanical aspect of the car this upcoming year still remains an unanswered question. (PS: Not for sale) 


Community in diversity.

As Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted considers Fatlace / Hellaflush a partner/mentor. I am also taking this opportunity to personally thank each one of you who has supported the group for the last 7 years. Today we have reached the 100k mark on our Facebook page. The numbers still may be small compared to other groups, but this means a lot for me as maintaining the page everyday since Christmas of 2009 was a bit of a challenge. 2017 should be exciting for the community.


Thank YOU.

With this, I would like to thank everyone for your time/support in reading my features. Special thanks to the people behind these groups, I wouldn’t go to each one of you since we’re constantly in contact: the Fatlace/Hellaflush/Stay Fresh Crew family, Manila Fitted’s core group (Bing, Zig,Donne, Bruce, Eli, Zy, Calvin, Paolo), the Sole Academy/SA’ICHI/SAF family, DMF Drift (seniors and young men), Drive Hard Crew, RWB, Flushstyle Thailand,  Kixstanced, Bad Quality, Sushi Factory (congrats on the engagement!), Pumpkin Pudding, Work Wheels Japan, Hectopascal, Static Crew, HP Racing (Al), Van Kulture, Atoy Customs, Car Porn Racing, Takashi Mori, each photographer in the SPMF community (Instancegram, Keanu Oneil, Kiel See, Justin Young, Otosthetics, Paolo Batallones) Car Porn Racing, Eightdecals, Classical Works, Street Scene, Iori my main man – the rest of Team A,  and my family plus Toni. (Hope I didn’t miss anyone) 1xBet bookmaker gives each betterer, when depositing money to the gaming account for the first time, up to $ 100. And if you specify 1xBet promo code upon registration, the bonus amount will be increased by 30% and its maximum will already be $ 130. 1xBet offers many gifts, bonuses and incentives to new and regular players. This is both a sign-up bonus and an additional percentage on the bet. Also, in the vastness of the official 1xBet resource, you can find many gifts & bonuses, and promo codes are given out for free. Since the office has its own casino, promo codes can be used in this section of the resource.

Last but not the least.. The man up there for continuously giving me all the energy and drive to fulfil my passion and responsibilities.

This wraps up my year-end review for Fatlace, cheers to an amazing 2016.

May God bless us this 2017.

Kevin Carlos,

Fatlace / Hellaflush | Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted | SA’ICHI

Filipino Pride All Day, Everyday. 

Kevin Carlos

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