Recently I was invited to goto the annual Auto Fashion Imp Euro event in Osaka Japan. The builds were incredible and the amount of complete builds were amazing. You can really appreciate how much attention to detail everyone puts into their builds in Japan. Here’s part 1 of the show photos I took.

Here’s the RS4 Wagon we took to the show. How perfect would this car be on the American roads. It drove extremely fast and smooth. Everything I thought the car would do and more.

Co-Pilot Yu-san and I enjoying the moment.

450hp AWD.

In case you didnt know..

The interior shot without us in it. Ok now onto the photos of the event..

Toshi’s Porsche 930 RWB. This thing is amazing. Super clean inside and out. If you didnt know, Toshi races cars and he set this race car up for the streets as well as the track.

I believe this car made it on the cover of AF Imp. Nice details on this cab.

Golf looking real good.

Extremely clean BMW.

VW Toureg with Porsche wheels.

BMW 3 series wagon. Notice the flat BBS caps. Nice touch.

E30 with OG Hartge wheels.

A pair of W124 E300 Estates. Very popular with the crew from ISMart.

WTF!!! its a Euro meet JC! Go home & take your Kanjo Civic out of here!!! (jk)

This car look familiar? Well it won best euro at Hellaflush 2 years in a row. Still looking good.

E36 M3. Yeah, its nice right?

I WOKE UP IN A RED BUGATTI! Oh i mean Bentley.. smh.

ProDrive brought 2 nice white Audi’s. Here’s their wagon.

And their A7.

MK2 VW’s were very popular at the event.

This blue one was really cool.

I’ll always like Audi Wagons.

Audi A7’s are so nice.

Here’s another A7, not the same as the one above.

Toshi’s 930 in case you missed it up top.

Another W124 in front of our booth.

Volvo S40 wagon with wire looking wheels?!

More MK2s..

BBS was the choice of MK2’s

Peep the interior. Has Porsche seats from 996 GT2.

Mercedes A Class. Not sure if this will come to the states.

This VW was really nice.

Engine bay was nice.

Overhead shot of the event. Part 2 soon.

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