What’s up everyone!? My name is Sebastian, this is my very first post! I want to thank Mark and Joshua for giving me this huge opportunity, and allowing me to be part of a great family. I am very honored to be part of Hellaflush and cannot wait to show everyone what the east coast movement is about!!!

As I mentioned above, I’m located on the East coast; more specifically in the Washington D.C. area. I am originally from Colombia, South America (not Columbia lol) and moved here when I was finishing high-school. I became very interested in being slammed and fitting my car properly after I began modding my Acura RSX through college. As well as photography, my other hobby, my interest in the car culture and modding came slowly and with plenty of research to find what I think looks good on my car.

Now onto some PHOTOS!

I saw this car on an Instagram post while scrolling through my news feed. I didn’t have the opportunity of attending a local show over the weekend but wanted to catch up on some of the better cars, and see what I missed out on and eventually boom! Archie’s car popped up…I got in contact with him and met up tonight to check out the car in person. I knew it was a great looking Suby from the Instagram snap, but when I saw it in person I knew I had to feature him.

Archie has had his car for a long time, and after dealing with some issues while acquiring some of his very unique mods, he finally ended up where he is today; sitting beastly.

Stay tuned for a full feature on this awesome ride soon!