Back on this blog and thought I’d shoot a little around the office randomly and talk about it. In 2014 I thought it would be awesome to use this space a little more and build an RC track upstairs. Hoping in 2015 we get to host some competitions and have some Fatlace Fridays at the paddock. Would love for everyone passing thru San Francisco swing by and see what we have going on.


So my mom asked me to have our family holiday party at the paddock. Sure why not.


Coin pouches are very popular in asia. Trying to make a little comeback here in the states?


Running a tight little crew at the paddock these days. Here’s the 9-5ers.. Thanks to these guys that your packages and emails are on time. Hope you guys have a great holiday break.


You know my life is based around my family but I do love my automobiles.


Whenever you get a chance, GO APE!


Hunter had a birthday party here last month. I guess we’ll be doing events here from time to time!


The original Rauh Welt Begriff by Nakai of Chiba, Japan!


Kona Beer Neon. I love neon lights.


Harley Davidson billiard light. We definitely need to host some competitions next year.


A ripped Moon Eyes Stool is better than no stool at all. Love this brand.

around_the_office_11Til next month. Have a safe and great Holiday.

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