23 Dec 2014

Around the Office in December

Back on this blog and thought I’d shoot a little around the office randomly and talk about it. In 2014 I thought it would be awesome to use this space a little more and build an RC track upstairs. Hoping in 2015 we get to host some competitions and have

09 Sep 2013

Dai Yoshihara visits the Fatlace Paddock

Last Sunday, after a successful and sold out Slammed Society NorCal show during WTCC at Sonoma Raceway, Illest sponsored FD drifter, Dai Yoshihara drove with the Fatlace crew on their way back to the Paddock. Dai was stoked to drive Mark’s FR-S back to the Paddock  A first time visitor

21 Aug 2013

Fatlace Fridays Recap #1

Here’s a quick recap of last week’s Fatlace Fridays (8/16/13)! Last week, we had a Forza 4 time attack battle as well as an RC Drifting session! Thanks to all who went last week and we hope to see you again this Friday 8/23, as we are having a BACK

13 Jun 2013

Glimpse of the Fatlace Paddock and Intro

Quick introduction here, My name is Teru from Tokyo Japan.  I am an avid cyclist, skate, drive a Kb110 Datsun Sunny and film.  I have been in the US for the past month and will be here for 2 more months. Since I have been able to frequent the Fatlace

20 Apr 2013

And then you woke up..

Sometimes life passes by so fast that you really miss the special moments as they happen in front of you. In the last 2 weeks I’ve been to Manila, Hawaii, Los Angeles and back home and although I’ve captured alot on my instagram account, I forget to update my blog.

21 Nov 2012

Making of Illest x Transformer mural at Paddock

Headed to the Paddock to finish the Illest x Transformers production created by Kraze1 (Crown Works Garage) and myself. Kraze is rocking ‘Jaz’ (Porsche Autobot) and it coming out super fly! The character is rendered based of the Illest release of the classic rendering of Jaz in collaboration with Transformers.

27 Feb 2012

Paddock to Wekfest 4

The weekend of February 18th was a fun filled adventure in Northern California. Minh, Vinh, and myself had a little vacation by visiting the Fatlace Paddock/RWB, attending Wekfest 4 San Francisco, and of course enjoying the wonderful food as we ventured around. Here is a quick highlight of  our adventure

16 Nov 2010

Around the Paddock in 60 Seconds

Here’s some stuff around the Paddock since alot of you haven’t visited or live very far away. Mooneyes Cones for this weekends WORDUP! event. Hope to see some great action this weekend. Hopefully my car makes it. Broken waterpump driving down the street. The illest round stickers. Made for records

15 Sep 2010

Paddock Pass

The friends that came thru to wish us well, we thank you. To those that want to swing by the Paddock, please make an appointment or give us a ring if you’re near. The Paddock by Fatlace 800 South Amphlett Blvd San Mateo, CA 94402 650.342.3282 Here’s some friends and

11 Sep 2010

Life is a Blast When You Know What You’re Doing

If you look behind your fatlace / illest tee labels, you’ll notice the words, “Life is a Blast When You Know What You’re Doing”. Del tha funkee homosapien said that on a verse back in the day and it stuck in my head. It’s what motivates me as well as