Not every kid is going to get a present during the holidays. Even the kids that need it the most, sometimes don’t have a choice to receive one. People at ATS Garage, PlusOne, Alameda County Fire Department, Alameda Fire Fighters Association and New Haven Teachers Association wanted to make a difference in some of the children’s lives so they organized a great event where car folks can come hang out and donate toys to the less fortunate while checking out some builds from different companies and fellow car builders.



Dj Ronalds brought his Twerk wagon out to play while he dj’ed the event.



Super clean right hand drive TA22



Even Speed Element brought out Ratchet Bunny





This clean E30 owned by Kyle Del Rosario


Marks Type R… oh yeah its boosted too



… Then Godzilla with a Rocketbunny kit rolled in.


That side exhaust is my favorite part of this car.


Felix brought out the Kenmeri and his Lotus just to support.

Pandora One was out there as well



Grom with a custom turbo.



This was the cleanest S2K at the meet, in my opinion.




Hi Roxanne =)


This wont be the last you see of this FD owned by Eric. Just wait for the full feature.





After a few hours, the collection of toys to be donated grew to cover a few tables.