It’s not a common thing to see people pushing the boundaries with their fitment to this level here in New Zealand. Strict regulations against tyre stretch & ride height as well as the cost involved in achieving true hella fitment is usually enough to put most people off. So it’s exciting to come across someone such as Dayle, who takes all this on board as a challenge, and his latest project really stands out from the rest because of it.

Before Dayle got his hands on this beautiful A6 however, he wanted to make sure he could find the right wheels for it. After searching around for a while he was put into contact with Bentley New Zealand who were able to source the 19″ wheels you see here from a Continental Flying Spur.

Riding on air allows them to have a fairly intimate relationship with the A6 fenders…

You can hear it too when it airs out, the gentle ‘tap’ as they touch.

Dayle tells me that his inspiration for this ride was to do something people in New Zealand hadn’t seen before. “And I wanted to help show the world that New Zealand has classy, well-styled rides too”, he explains. A VW & Euro fanatic, Dayle also has a slammed Jetta on BBS RS wheels and has previously owned a variety of European cars. He has also recently taken on a weekend drifter project (an FC RX-7) which he says we will definitely be seeing more of in the near future, once his wheels arrive from Japan (I already like the sound of this!)

Dayle’s car is a great example of how only a few simple modifications done right can make such a huge difference to the overall appearance of a vehicle.  Thanks Dayle for sharing it with us here on HF!

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