08 Apr 2014

FD Long Beach Never Disappoints

Formula Drift Long Beach is the season opener and from my point of view, the hardest one for drivers to start off with. If you’re a rookie in Formula Drift, nothing can prepare you for the speed the walls come at you in that first corner. For the next few

22 Mar 2013

A few minutes of his time

       I personally met Nick Jimenez last year at a Fatlace event. He is the epitome of a “Storyteller”, not a bullshitter or salesman, just an entertaining automotive O.G. As our conversation progressed, I realized that he’s one of the co-founders of eGarage and many other Automotive related brands. To

06 Sep 2012

Waterwerks 2012 Coverage

To be honest, I found out about Water Werks last minute from my friend. Mr. Matt Crooke of Fifteen52 helped me out and got me a Media Pass, so here I am posting up photos from what ended up being a great turn out. It was really nice to see

13 Jun 2012

A Generation On It’s Way Out

  As the m3’s evolve through each generation, we cant seem to forget the old one. The E30 M3 generation is already extinct while the E36 M3 is slowly working its way there. There are fewer and fewer clean E36 M3’s out there. Clean was the word Eric Schultz had

25 May 2012

Matt Crooke’s Wagon Life

This car was posted on the HellaFlush Facebook a while back and a lot of people just put it down. Some called it stock and some called it too simple. I guess most of those people don’t understand what the Volkswagen scene is about. Its about being clean and low.

03 Apr 2012

Ariel Arevalo’s MK5 GTI

Back in 2008, Ariel purchased this GTI because he needed a new daily driver. With his Rabbit MK1 project in the process of getting built, he wanted something stock that could take him to and from work. Ariel hated the look of it at first. “I thought it was hideous.

20 Mar 2012

Vaughn Cordell’s MK3 Cabrio

This Cabrio started out life in the possession of someone else and somehow ended up in the hands of Vaughn Cordell. When he got a hold of it 8 months ago, it was in bad shape. He has other cooler Volkswagens to spend money on, but he always had a

19 Mar 2012

Audi RS4 Avant in Paris

Stephen Brooks always has great videos but this 2 minute video makes me want to buy an Avant. Check it out. “Built by a Player, RS SYCO was driven to the French capital for a secret mission with a man only known as ‘The Darkness’. 24 | HOURS | IN