28 Oct 2015

We Love Letters

Few and Far™ Presents: An exhibition of female graffiti writers and taggers from around the world. This group show celebrates the rebellious art form of graffiti showcasing international women currently pushing the limits with their individual styles & letter forms. Curated by MEME @memersweets of @fewandfarwomen. Check out my snaps

21 Oct 2015

Think Pink

The very pink of perfection.       Balanced. #libra #1015  

16 Oct 2015


I’m super duper into podcasts these days. Brushing up on the listening skills (a rare trait now) while learning something new. #2birds #1stone Check out my podcast subscriptions and the breakdown of each one.     The Seams The Seams explores fashion and clothing from an anthropological perspective, sharing stories

07 Oct 2015

Amber is the Color of Your Energy

Endings bring new beginnings. And I’m welcoming the season filled with warm thoughts and an ardent tomorrow.    Amber is the color of your energy. #Fall Brunch! Can you tell I’m into brunch lately? If you’re into documentaries, here are a couple I recommend. Based on the real “Warrr-riii-iors…come out

01 Oct 2015

I Like It

Had some new experiences this past weekend. Oooooooo and I liked it.  My new fave nail shop. #Fresh Brunch at Zut. House parties and taco catering? #YouHadAtMeAtHola Finally tried the #LaVicOrangeSauce and O.M.G…. they weren’t kidding. #crack For the heads this is mandatory viewing. Sneakerheadz #thumbsup Mine wasn’t as fab

23 Sep 2015

Meeting of Styles SF

Once upon a time on the last days of Summer and the hottest weekend of the year, a little event happened, where graff artists from the Bay and beyond, crew after crew got up in alley after alley… Meeting of Styles San Francisco, 2015      

Endless mimosas again.  Because did I mention endless?
16 Sep 2015


Sun daze. Sun days. Sundaze.   #LeilaBytheBay And I can’t forget… SUNDAYS! ‘Tis the season! #ninergang

#Krash #TDK
11 Sep 2015

The Liks

The last major holiday before summer ends and it was the liks. #FirstFridays in the Town, mandatory brunch with the gyals, and finally, the Bay’s own hip hop holiday. #HieroDay  Scroll down for how I spent #PlayborDay. It’s the liks baby…it’s the liks. ‘Til next year! #HieroDay P.S. #Staycool Yay

03 Sep 2015

Weekend Love

Glimpses from last weekend plus my Netflix picks for the long weekend ahead… it’s all about weekend love. Meeting the newest additions to our expanding family. #endlesssmooches #cuties    Ping Pong Playa The Search for General Tso The Cobbler   What Happened, Miss Simone? American Psycho  And if you don’t

26 Aug 2015

Know What I Want

I know what I want…