08 Jul 2011

DPE Wheels ‘Best in the business’

I am so blessed to be working with DPE Wheels as their Z/G specialist. They are like my family, were we all share the same values and passion for this  auto industry. Just the other day I received a nice little package from my good friend Jojo. What could it

16 Jun 2011

‘Special Delivery’

A couple of days ago I recevied a special deliver from Mark; what could it be? Nothing but the best from Mark, this sick Slammed Society Nobori. Thanks Mark I will rock this well… Then my good O’ buddy Ben from Cali sent me a swag bag, which included some

10 Jun 2011

Nyjah Huston ‘N’ Diamond Supply Co. Ad

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0SxqedgIIQ&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Nyjah Huston reppin for Diamond Supply Co. in their new Ad. Man this boy has grown up so much, always like to see him tear it up.. -Royal_T-

08 Jun 2011

Part 2 “Monopoly Night”

Last post we were having a nice BBQ for Memorial Day. So when the sun set what did we end up doing. “Monopoly Night!!” A little bet of sugar does not hurt anyone, but add some vodka and you might just have an heart attack. I always loved the monopoly

03 Jun 2011

Memorial Day BBQ Part 1

So this past weekend the whole BRG Crew had a little Memorial Day BBQ. Some sun, good food and laughter equals the ‘Good Life.’ Eric working on those wings…. And man do they look good… Damn Rudy your kicks are Fly!!! “Versace” Trash can punch on tap… What you know

02 Jun 2011

‘New Kid on the Block’

Yo Yo readers, I am the new kid on the “StayFresh Crew” and can’t be more honored with the opportunity. Let me first say thanks to Mark and the whole Fatlace crew for making me part of the fam. Now let’s get into it shall we; my name is Edafe