11 Jan 2013

“Parallel Lives” by James Jean

Let me preface this post by saying that I’m not an art critic or connoisseur or snob or collector by any means. I get invited to the occasional art show, my creative friends are all pretty amazing in their respective fields and sometimes, I grow super passionate about the work

11 Dec 2012


Immediately following the U.S. Grand Prix, I headed west to Northern California for some much needed R&R. Mama Shen’s birthday aside, the last time I requested two days off was back in May for a friend’s wedding in Cabo, so a “vacation” has been long overdue. Unfortunately the weather god’s

04 Dec 2012

United States Grand Prix

The last month has been an absolute whirlwind, but in the most extraordinary ways possible. I figured I’d at least try to post a few snippets of the going-ons in my life, if for no one else but to see but my mom. (Hi Mom!) For those who don’t know,

15 Nov 2012

@EMMULATE: Instant Gratification

Like everyone else and their hip-iphone-toting mother, I got bit by the Instagram bug. And hard. I love the incredible ease of micro-blogging: it doesn’t require the photo editing process blogging requires (my nemesis in life) and is like Tumblr, but for super dummies with extreme ADD. Thank goodness for

22 Oct 2012

Nike & Never Not Running

Nike hosted the 8th annual Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco two weekends ago, where over 25,000 women conquered the hills to commemorate the 28th anniversary of Joan Benoit Samuelson’s historic gold-medal in the first women’s marathon at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles. Since it’s inception, the program has

30 Jun 2012


This used to be a frequent sight as I’d drive into Manhattan fresh off a red-eye flight from Los Angeles. Now, New York is the city I call home, and Los Angeles is a not-so-distant memory that forever tugs at my heartstrings. A year in, and it’s finally starting to

16 Apr 2012

Boukiés Private Pre-Opening

I have these tremendous spurts of energy (usually following a double espresso from the amazing customized machine that the Italians have in house) where I get tremendously inspired to answer emails, create reports and blog. Confidence caffeine is a helluva drug. But for once I finally decided to do it.

Brisk Bodega LA
30 Jan 2012


For the second consecutive year, Brisk will be launching the ‘Brisk Bodega‘ to showcase their partnership for 2012. Catapulting from a successful start last year in NY with Shady Records, this year’s expansion will include pop-up spaces in LA and Austin as well, featuring Star Wars for the 3D re-release

27 Jan 2012


After having basketball (and later volleyball) consume 5+ hrs a day for the greater half of my adolescence, my affinity towards sports has always been something special. I was lucky enough to play for a handful of coaches who dedicated their lives to building championship teams, and who changed my

08 Dec 2011


Next Wednesday, December 14th I’ll be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Adidas Originals & DJ Neil Armstrong‘s Original Mixtape release at Greenhouse in New York City. For those of you who don’t live within the five boroughs (or Pennsylvania, or Connecticut, or don’t want to pay to get to NYC),