18 Jun 2012

Henry Tran’s Infiniti M35S

A Houston veteran, Henry Tran, still loves to show his support with the local automotive scene. He is what you consider dedicated. He has been working and trying to perfect this car ever since he got it. I remember asking him to shoot the car and he said he had

10 May 2012

All Team Bash / Mayday Garage Meet

So every year there is All Team Bash in Houston. One of the biggest meets of the year because it is where all the teams can come together and just have fun. A big thanks to Team Sunworks for throwing it every year and giving back to the automotive community.

13 Apr 2012

2012 Import Reactor / Anime Matsuri

Ever heard of Import Reactor or Anime Matsuri? Yes? No? Regardless, I’ll go over it real quick. It’s a huge event in the Woodlands that happens every year in Houston. It’s an anime convention with a tacked on car show out in the parking garage. The show brings in a

01 Apr 2012

Jonathan Watcharine’s EM2

So this is my first official automotive blog post on Hellaflush. So go easy on my photos and writing! We’ve been trying to schedule this shoot for weeks and with the rainy weather in Houston, it seemed like mother nature didn’t want me to ever shoot it. After scheduling it

05 Mar 2012

Introducing… Texas’s Blogger: Harrison Wang

Introductions are in order for the newest member of the Hellaflush blog and that person is… Harrison Wang. Hello automotive scene of the world! I recently got recruited to blog for Hellaflush and could not be more excited. I will be covering the great state of Texas. I live in