05 Jan 2014

Wekfest Texas 2013

Approximately two weeks ago, I got to go to one of the best Wekfest Texas’ in a while. I might be a little biased since I do live in Houston, but what can I say, I love this city. The amount of support was spectacular and it exceeded my expectations.

21 Sep 2013

CREWS Chicago 2013

And, here I am, writing another post just because I was in the right place at the right time. I happened to be in Chicago the weekend of the CREWS show – a local Chicago event that is run by Morris and his crew to help promote the scene and

23 Aug 2013

Andy Kuo’s 2007 Subaru WRX

                 Who would have thought a random Facebook message would turn into an incredible photoshoot? I sure didn’t. Thanks to social media, connecting people thousands of miles away from each other, I was able to meet up with Andy Kuo and his 2007

23 Jun 2013

Illest OC Opening: A Texan’s Perspective

The grand opening of Illest OC was dope. I have no other words to really describe how great it went. It’s very rare that people will have such an amazing opening with a following and support group that Illest has. Mark Arcenal is the man opening a new store that

21 Apr 2013


“Friday evening…? No? Well what about Thursday evening? That doesn’t work either? Well I guess we’re stuck with Friday morning at sun rise. We’ll meet at the galleria Starbucks and drive from there.” It’s been a long minute since I have done a photo shoot at sunrise and I remember why… it’s

02 Apr 2013

Import Reactor 2013 – Houston, TX

Import Reactor in Houston, TX is by far the most anticipated event every year for locals. There are only two bigger events that will roll by in Texas and that’s Wekfest and HIN. The chances of them coming to Houston are so slim that IR is definitely the choice of

17 Dec 2012

Matt’s Lexus IS250

While visiting Auto Tech Collision to check up on my car, I noticed a Lexus IS250 in the corner of the shop completely torn apart with bondo around the car. I asked Sean, my buddy who works there, what’s the story on that Lexus. He tells me a little about

10 Dec 2012

Mash-Up 2: DaYUUM Guppy House Meet

What are the chances that I would travel to Los Angeles and find myself to be blessed to find a local meet that I couldn’t get out in Houston? I was going to say very slim but then realized I was in the heart of the best place to find

10 Oct 2012

Wekfest Austin 2012

So where do I start with this show? The fact that I left Houston at 6AM to get there in time for roll in or that I actually very impressed with the turn out of the show? Lets start with me leaving Houston with Mayday member Ervin at 6AM and getting

14 Sep 2012

Jon Do’s S2000

Jon Do’s first ever car experience was Import Expo and after that… he was hooked. He first had a RSX and after an unfortunate incident of totaling it, he got his AP2 last December. He left no time wasted and started to mod it instantly. To complement his Laguna Blue