14 Sep 2014

My Crazy Family

Feelin’ free since I just finished all my homework and I can relax & enjoy the rest of the weekend! Wanted to share “My Crazy Family” which is my first English essay as a high school freshman at Da Vinci Science Academy. My Crazy Family The apple doesn’t fall far from

02 Mar 2014

The Illest video by Morgan Shea & Charles Nguyen (Poreotics) @illestoc #jinchuriki

Check out Charles (Poreotics) and My new illest video! Share, like, comment and enjoy! #jinchuriki auditions coming soon!

17 Feb 2014


Hello! My name is Morgan Shea and I’m a new blogger for Before I get started on my journey of writing… Here are a few things about me: I love to dance. I started dancing at the age of three and now thirteen going on fourteen this March and