04 Jun 2012

Bippu Pride: Ryan Beladiata’s 2006 Lexus GS300

This feature originally was supposed to be just some snap shots for his own personal collection of photos, but I decided to feature it since the photos came out clean. Buena Park, CA resident Ryan Beladiata’s Lexus is not shy in front of the camera at all. In my opinion,

29 May 2012

VIP Stylin63 on you! Matt Gokim’s F50 Cima

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their day off, but most all remembering the fallen. This day is just not about the beer and BBQ folks, pay respects to those who are overseas and also still here in the US protecting our home. Well, since my buddy

22 May 2012

MOTION AUTOSHOW 2012, Long Beach CA.

Since im usually at the so cal shows with my car on display, I find alot of down time for me to wander around and network, find new features for hellaflush, and of course just shoot the sh*t with the homies from all the crews. So, here’s my take on

Femme Cartel 16
09 May 2012

TOYOTAFEST 2012 Long Beach, CA part 3 of 3

My last batch of Toyota Fest photos….. whew!  Also, I did bump into a handful of potential feature cars when i was walking around so stay tuned for upcoming toyotas in the distant future. Time to wrap this up and call it the night.  Thanks for checking in -Ojay

08 May 2012

TOYOTAFEST 2012 in Long Beach, CA. part 2 of 3

Alright here’s my second share of photos from TORC from this past sunday. I coulda sworn that I spent a very good amount of time under my crew’s canopy, but looks like the sun still got the best of me. I’m burnt like a mofo! Enough of the rambling, here

06 May 2012

TOYOTAFEST 2012 Long Beach, CA. part I of 3

Since I was showing my Lexus LS400 at this show, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to cover this event, and also scout around for new features. I met a lot of cool people and had a blast, but of course you cannot forget the sunburn you get

24 Apr 2012

BP VIP car meet, Buena Park CA.

This past weekend i had the chance to catch up with BP VIP which consists of nothing but vip inspired cars. The weather was blazing hot lately, and to see that of all days of this week, sunday happen to be overcast… ugh… sucky for car pics but i made

20 Apr 2012

Derek Keota’s 2011 Subaru STi

  I had quite a bit of downtime to wander around the Slammed Society Showcase that took place a couple weekends ago in Long Beach CA, and I came across this STi. There was just something about this car that made me circle around it a couple times… maybe it

24 Mar 2012

Wilmer Cruz’s SC300

  What’s up HF fans. Ojay here again… chiming in with a new feature for you guys and gals. Meet Wilmer Cruz, a member of the Low N’ Slow crew with his 1992 Lexus SC300. Keepin it chill and to the point, Carson Cali resident Wilmer is inspired by VIP

07 Mar 2012

It’s “THE LUX” son!

Hey there whats up fellow fitment enthusiasts. I’m Ojay, one of the newest additions to hellaflush.com and I’m here to introduce you to a very good friend of mine who has one of the sickest 3rd gen Lexus GS350’s stateside. Riverside Ca local, Mike Vo, is one of the first