Here’s a series of shots during the RWB Ramune build taken by our in house graphics and photographer, Michael Javier. The focus of the shoot was to capture the different phases of Nakai during a build. It goes beyond cutting a Porsche up, riveting flares on, and adding wide wheels. It’s all about the details in these builds, and from the images, you can see that Nakai takes his time to ensure that everything lines up and fits accordingly. Nowadays with so many RWB’s out there, I feel like many people forget and about the craftsmanship that goes into creating a piece of cool machinery.nakai_rwb_0005 nakai_rwb_0006 nakai_rwb_0007 nakai_rwb_0008 nakai_rwb_0009 nakai_rwb_0012 nakai_rwb_0014 nakai_rwb_0017 nakai_rwb_0018 nakai_rwb_0019 nakai_rwb_0020 nakai_rwb_0022 nakai_rwb_0024 nakai_rwb_0029 nakai_rwb_0032 nakai_rwb_0033 nakai_rwb_0036 nakai_rwb_0040 nakai_rwb_0041 nakai_rwb_0042 nakai_rwb_0043 nakai_rwb_0044

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