Starting off my first entry for 2015 with a platform that is very popular in Manila, the NCP30/31. Known in various parts of Asia as the Toyota BB, the sub-compact hatchback has been a go-to-car for modifying for the past few years.

There is a good number of these builds in our country including one with a K20 swap but Donne‘s box has something very unique to it: simplicity

Donne is a go-to guy for parts from Japan to the Philippines. It helped him acquire his wheels; a rare set of B.I.M Zeit RR’s.

The car takes him from A to B on a daily basis and helps him haul parts.

He is also one of the few members of Manila Fitted.

Driving in our country even in a stock car is quite a challenge due the road conditions. I think that calls out for a feature?

The fitment game may be different in America and in Japan, but hey, welcome to the Philippines.

Be back soon.


Wheels and tires :

B.I.M Zeit RR wheels

17 x 9.5 offset +26 (F)

17×9.5 +12 (R)

205/40/r17 tires



HKS coilovers with Swift springs 8 kg (F) 14 kg (R)

Cusco Strut Bar


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