Last weekend, I gave into peer pressure (thanks Mark, Anton, Brian, and Dat!) and hopped on a last minute flight to Tokyo. While I finish post processing my photos from Tokyo Auto Salon, here’s some photos from the rest of our adventures. Fresh from the airport, we went straight to the RWB Car Meeting at the Roppongi Hard Rock Cafe…what a lineup!

Then we all migrated to Mandy’s for the after party and said Happy Birthday to Elizabeth, a soon to be RWB owner!

Since we were staying nearby, I took the crew to Le Garage which I first visited back in July (see photos here

Mark and Dat were in heaven here!

The Bimoto DB1 from the window display in July was still hanging out in the store 🙂

And it just so happened that the BMW 2002 Turbo from the window display in July was hanging out outside! And we got to meet and talk to the owner too! 😀

Love playing tourist in Tokyo!