Oakland is as tough as it gets and my eternal hatred towards the city burns strong in my blood. We’re talking about a city that literally shits on every opportunity to get back to some sort of normal decency. For every one good thing that happens here, it seems ten bad ones occur.

But it is that one good one we really have to shine a light and show awareness to the people around us. Welcome to Town Park, West Oakland’s one and only skatepark where they are hosting Hood Games 2012 on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Greg “P-Nut” Galinsky artwork at the park.

Hood Games is a community effort but lead by local art teacher Keith “K-Dub” Williams and EMB’s own skate legend Karl Watson. With donations from the city and even skate obstacles from past X-Games, Karl and K-Dub managed to create a park in the warehouse district known of West Oakland. The event it is a blend of art, music, skateboarding and most important of all, the love of the Oakland community.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xPhn8dqEBA&w=775&h=450]

The task is simple…”SkateOakland”. It’s a small effort but sometimes the best stand is any positive one.