18 Feb 2015


With work and other obligations in life, I still try and shoot something every week if I can, even if it is one or two photos. I try and shoot all types of situations just cause every scenario is different whether it be in fog, at dusk, city lights, etc.

05 Feb 2015

Can’t Knock The Hustle

I’ve even had a dream at one point where I wanted to start a streetwear company. It was going to be called Almighty and my first t-shirt graphic was this tank concoction where this butterfly had guns for a body, a couple of tanks stood erect on each side and

12 Nov 2014

The Daily Dump V.11 – SF to Jamaica

I always tell kids my one regret when asked for general wisdom as an elder chap. If I could do it all over again and rewind the hands of time, I would have spent every dollar I made so I could travel the world. It’s something I never did when

29 Jul 2014

The Daily Dump V.10 – Nychos & The God MC

Becoming a successful artist can boil down to your individuality sometimes. Skill is a good percentage of someone’s talents but really it’s your substance that may hold you in a different bracket from the rest. Nychos’s anatomy deconstruction is as complex as it is bogus to the human eye. It’s

15 May 2014

The Daily Dump V.9 – Freddie Gibbs & The Lox

This is my self-proclaimed experience at a Freddie Gibbs concert this past Thursday. Just odd little tidbits that I think would have never happened if it wasn’t a Freddie Gibbs concert, spring break and in San Francisco. The combination of the three can formulate some funny observations and experiences. Factoid

13 Mar 2014

The Daily Dump V.8 – Tattoo Art & De La Soul

I finally got out the house. Stretched my legs on a nice subdued Thursday evening and made my way to the upper part of the Tenderloin to see Analog Tattoo‘s new tattoo shop and art show. It’s not as scary as it sounds even though it sits above one of

20 Feb 2014

The Daily Dump V.8 – Q-Bert and Mike Giant

The mind is grossly underestimated with how it can physically push our abilities to perform at a top level. There are the majority that subconsciously set their own boundaries in what we can achieve and then there are the chosen few that know they can reach much more beyond that

10 Feb 2014

The Daily Dump V.7 – Ice Ice Baby

Being original has always been more of a falsified mantra for me rather than a true testament of my lifestyle. After all, I am the Chinese guy that got a dragon tattoo on my arm cause I thought I didn’t look like that Chinese guy that would have a dragon

11 Jan 2014

The Daily Dump V.6

Haight St is a sub-cultural paradise with slight changes between generations. Our hippies are now replaced with oppressed 18 year old boys talking about how they were deprived of their mother’s nipple post middle school and how I need to give them funds for their molly habits. I mean at