09 Apr 2012

Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2012

The other day I told myself I was done with the city life. I was kind of getting tired of living in a 250 square foot studio surrounded by the Fillmore scoundrels that lurk the corner asking for dimes and quarters for their liqour diet. I’ve had my 4 years

Short But Funky 7
28 Feb 2012

Short But Funky

We can often get jaded in the land of giant buildings here in the city. Things can tend to get pretty monotoned from window to window if you don’t look too hard. The uniqueness of San Francisco is within the small shops that seem to occupy themselves in unfamiliar territory.

The Gather SF Show
19 Jan 2012

The Gather SF Tradeshow on 1/25 & 1/26

Literally across the street from Fatlace in Japantown, San Francisco will be having its own tradeshow displaying the finest skateboard and streetwear brands at the Hotel Kabuki. If you’re in the area, make sure to come check it out.

17 Jan 2012

New Amerykah

I think I might have sold myself on something that wasn’t real. I mean honestly, was Val Kilmer really going to be at Upper Playground SF at the Twixt exhibit? I know there is always a pull with getting people to see something but I thought they would have really

30 Dec 2011

The Year End Review: 2011 Edition

It’s that time again! Time to take off the pimp hat, put the stable to rest and see what the pockets are left with after a nice ho-down in the neighborhood. San Francisco has been cold as of late so let’s see if we can regain some blood in our

19 Dec 2011

Welcome To The Dirty South

I don’t detest LA. There is just a social disconnect from the North to the South. I want to say it’s a big misunderstanding but LA folks always have to take things out of context calling SF the homo capital of the world. I mean that might be partially true

17 Nov 2011

I Am Not A Human Being

When I am on the bus going to work, I kind of always put on a slight retard gaze. You know, where you kind of portentously stare in one direction but in reality, you are looking in another direction. It’s kind of a hidden perverted skill where you are keeping

31 Oct 2011

Midnight Swim

We’re on a rooftop in the Mission this year for Halloween 2011. This is one of those parties where you go with someone that knows someone else that wants to bang some guy that she met at another party before this one. I just go where the alcohol is. Stop

24 Oct 2011

Yellow Blaze

I am a hermit. As my age progresses, I find my self jumping from one interest to the next. Tattoo culture is what skateboard culture was to me back in 2002. I’ve become super enthusiastic about it and I have no clue what’s it about but all I want to

22 Sep 2011

Electric Relaxation

Day 3-6 in Hawaii: In a nut shell, that was six day vacation in Hawaii. Just want to give a chest dap to Brett and Natalie for just inviting me to their beautiful wedding in Hawaii. I don’t think there would have been any other way to get me out