08 May 2011

Thrasher’s Mini Ramp Jam

Jocks vs skaters. The never ending battle of the poster boy meat head and the misfit social outcast. Usually these things are a recipe for disaster but sometimes they work out to everyone’s advantage. WIth the help of the Giants, Thrasher Mag actually got permission to setup shop in McCovey

03 May 2011

What’s Golden

Chalk this up as one of the many things that I love to hate. Benny Gold is a designer, store owner, entrepreneur and one hell of a nice guy. He embodies everything that I once aspired to be and is an example of what hard work can lead to in

18 Apr 2011

Sun Diego

You’re going to have to excuse the next couple of posts. I tried little to get in that photogenic frame of mind and wanted to relax for once. Beware…these tourist photos can be pretty boring. Weclome to San Diego. This is day one. Extraordinary Desserts on Fifth Ave. Girls will

12 Mar 2011


Cross another one off the concert checklist. The Dogg Pound Gangstaz came to my neck of the woods last night to the Rock It Room. I know I probably say this all the time, but this was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I think I

Real 31
10 Feb 2011

Real Skateboard SF Video Premiere

It’s coming. The best San Francisco skateboard premiere is happening on March 31st. It’s going to be that epic. [vimeo 15692606 w=700&h=400] [vimeo 17123225 w=700&h=400] [vimeo 17125489 w=700&h=400] [vimeo 17124166 w=700&h=400]

17 Jan 2011

Welcome To The Terrordome

The night starts off at a Ethiopian place around my block called the Piano Lounge. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad….it was just forgettable. I am going to construct a list. See if I can use my pea brain to somehow jot down every single concert I have ever

Mike Giant 1
09 Dec 2010

Mike Giant @ Guerro Gallery in SF

Mike Giant – “Reflections on Past, Present and Future” Guerrero Gallery 2700 19th Street San Francisco, CA 94110 December 11th 7-11pm Guerrero Gallery is pleased to announce “Reflections on Past, Present and Future” an exhibition featuring works by Mike Giant. A body of work that’s intended to lead us to

Shoe Box
15 Oct 2010

Shoe Box

[vimeo;w=700&h=420] The second video in the Shoe Power series is about a skateboarder named Jack who decides to buy a pair of shoes. Video courtesy of Ride5 Media Group.

Shoe Power 3
07 Oct 2010

Shoe Power

Join the Shoe Power team in Jersey City on Oct 9 for an afternoon of skating our purpose built skatepark where you’ll meet local pros, play some old school skate games on a huge projector, get some free gear and watch an exclusive skate film. 3 lucky skaters will be