06 Sep 2011

Sittin In The Park

Doin’ It In The Park 2011 edition, volume “it never gets sunny in San Francisco” aka “it was a dark and stormy night”. Bring on the damn indian summer already! Ann rockin’ the new bezzled baby around her neck. Kind of looks like a scene from the Hangover…minus the beard

02 Sep 2011

It’s The Return Of The Snowman

Dare I even say it. Dare I even mention Sade, Mobb Deep, Dogg Pound or Public Enemy‘s name in the same sentence with Young Jeezy. Dare I even think what is seeping in my head right now. Dare I say it? Fine. Jeezy and Freddie Gibbs’s concert last night was

29 Aug 2011

Soldier Of Love

My only gripe about comedy is it should only be so long. This is my third Comedy Jam in a row with probably the most star studded cast of them all and yet by the fourth act (mind you it was Dave Chappelle), I could feel that sense of down

08 Aug 2011

Not Suitable For Work (NSFW)

There is a lackluster with art shows that have killed my passion for visiting art galleries nowadays. Call me cynical in my day in age but art just doesn’t do it like it used to. There’s never any titties, never any three foot paintings of vaginas nor are there ever

18 Jul 2011

Dirty Hands

Harry Kim on the left, the director of Dirty Hands “The Art Crimes of David Choe” and the himself on the right, David Choe. Mr. Choe is, how he puts it, a self proclaims man boy with no responsibilities. I call this the Peter Pan effect. A notion of how

11 Jul 2011

For The City

Back at the Upper Haight to go see Joe Brook‘s photo show and the almighty FTC skateshop. Nothing but balls and liquor as far as my eyes can see. Tom Penny: Switch flip in Spain. Rodrigo TX: Frontside nose grind in Bangkok, Thailand. [youtube] Speaking of TX, you would

31 May 2011

Deeper Than Rap

The Mezzanine is like the Area 51 of concert venues. Last night I smashed a whole DSLR along with a kilo of heroin in my butt and even with my personal wit and charm, security still required that I have a full search of my anus. I guess they knew