11 Nov 2013

The Daily Dump V.4

Reality hits in mysterious ways. Almost to the point where I want to drive a No. 2 pencil directly in my eye sockets so I can get that rude awakening that I ever so need. I was scrolling the dial on my rental a few months back trying to get

02 Feb 2013

Progress Is My Middle Name

A little photo dump from the past couple of weeks. I guess putting in a little bit of effort goes a long way. Landscape style was never my true forte due to the laziness of me carrying a tripod but I am finding out this is just part of the

08 Jan 2013

A New Day…A New Beginning

Believe it or not, I took the least amount of photos in 2012 then any other year prior. It bums me out that photo blogs are becoming the dinosaur of social mediums. People are looking for quicker gratifications and it is just something you can’t compete with if you take

14 Dec 2012