02 Sep 2012

Bodi @ 1:AM SF Gallery

During these long stretched weekends, San Francisco almost turns into a ghost town seeing how everyone is in a rush to search for better weather in other areas. It’s these times where you can just walk around with nothing but you and homeless people that give this city character. What

26 Aug 2012

His Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

This is Barry McGee a.k.a Twist…the SF graffiti artist. Enjoy.

29 Jul 2012

Mike Giant @ FFDG

Mike Giant‘s personal collection of skateboards that he’s done graphics for. On the wall you’ll see pro models from Matt Reason, Jesse Paez and Phil Shao. Probably one of my favorite works from Mike. The skater girl series blends two elements of art (photography & illustration) into a beautiful seamless

19 Jul 2012

Otha Fish

Check this out. Do yourself a favor and attend art shows the day after its opening. It’s like scoring a pound of meth without even trying. You see any lines? Drunken skaters sipping their PBRs in your face? Hell no! Just me, myself, my camera and the nice curator already

15 Jun 2012

Mac Mall & Rappin’ 4-Tay @ Mezzanine

People love bumping uglies on the month of October. That’s my scientific explanation in why I think so many people are born on the month of June (me included). Maybe it’s all that candy that fogs people’s brain from Halloween. Who really knows. Kind of a funny premise to know

Breakers 22
21 May 2012

Bay 2 Breakers 2012

The best event hands down in SF…and the one that always gets me a good hangover the same day at 5pm. You should have been there.

07 May 2012

OMIT Skate Jam

The OMIT crew came out for a skate jam at the Stanyan and Waller St. ledges with team riders Chris Cole, Kyle Frederick, Moose and Peter Ramondetta. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkY4_CDPzsw&w=775&h=450] [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeUm2f4QlG0&w=775&h=450] And last but not least, rest in power to the legendary Adam Yauch aka MCA. Beastie Boys will never

02 May 2012

OMIT Skate Demo & BBQ on 5/6

Via FTC SF: The Omit team will be coming thru San Francisco for a skate jam and BBQ at the Waller St marble benches on Sunday May 6th @ Stanyan and Waller St. featuring Chris Cole, Trevor Colden, Peter Ramondetta, Kyle Frederick, and Moose. This starts @ 1:oo and goes

30 Apr 2012

Westside Story

Michael Miller‘s West Coast Hip-Hop photo show debuted in the northern coast this past Friday at the Fifty 24SF gallery. This is actually a self reflection of my own music history back when I was in middle school with the likes of Pac, Easy, Warren G and Snoop Dogg. It

23 Apr 2012

Boyz N Da Hood

Oakland is as tough as it gets and my eternal hatred towards the city burns strong in my blood. We’re talking about a city that literally shits on every opportunity to get back to some sort of normal decency. For every one good thing that happens here, it seems ten