People love bumping uglies on the month of October. That’s my scientific explanation in why I think so many people are born on the month of June (me included). Maybe it’s all that candy that fogs people’s brain from Halloween. Who really knows.

Kind of a funny premise to know that 2 Pac will be 41 years old by tomorrow. The 80’s babies of this world would say, “He’s still a young guy” where as the 90’s babies will say, “He is an old ass mother fucker!”. The argument is futile in my head. I just can’t believe he died at the age of 25. He was just a kid.

The Bay loves to celebrate their heroes. To celebrate 2Pac’s life, Mezzanine decided to throw a concert with Mac Mall, Ray Luv and Fillmore’s owns Rappin’ 4-Tay.

And shout out to Nick at Viva La Hip-Hop blog for the hook up on the tickets. This is my second time seeing 4-Tay live and for a rap artists with no real career, he sure puts on a decent show. Small note, “She’s A Sell Out” is my favorite 4-Tay song ever. [youtube]