We can often get jaded in the land of giant buildings here in the city. Things can tend to get pretty monotoned from window to window if you don’t look too hard. The uniqueness of San Francisco is within the small shops that seem to occupy themselves in unfamiliar territory. Amongst your Guccis, your LVs and your Marc Jacobs lies one of the most powerful street-wear brands to date called The Hundreds.

No one should really be unfamiliar with this brand by now. I think the success that makes The Hundreds so long lasting amongst the many that have perished is the strong branding that has been embedded to all our psyches. When we think of The Hundreds…we ultimately think of…well, “is HUGE“.

Today is pretty much fan appreciation day for one of our own superstars of the Bay Area. Not only has Too $hort popped my cherry with porno rap with seductive lyrics like “pussy got wet like Niagara Falls” but he’s also made me learn that you can use the word bitchin a positive context. Remember, just because Too $hort called you a bitch, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

“Fuck you and go support a Bay Area legend and cop my new CD No Trespassing out now! Bioootch!”

And a big thanks to these two for making my visit that much more pleasant and easy. Without them, all these pics wouldn’t have been possible.