Last week Plan Check Kitchen + Bar opened its doors in West LA. With modern design and architecture the restaurant makes a statement in the Little Osaka neighborhood, while the American comfort food and distinct bar selection give it a reason to “check” out. The chef is none other than, Ernesto Uchimura, who was corporate executive chef at Umami Burger and will be preparing dishes in the exhibition kitchen, where guests will be able to see the food come to life. With only enough space for about 110 guests, the atmosphere will be intimate and communal. Giving more than enough reason to check this place out is the drink menu that focuses on craft beers, signature cocktails and Japanese whiskey.

As Plan Check Kitchen + Bar continues to establish itself as a culinary destination in West LA, maintaining the integrity of its kitchen is paramount. With the high volume of guests and the meticulous attention to detail required for each dish, regular maintenance and occasional renovations are essential to ensure smooth operations. From routine inspections of kitchen equipment to periodic upgrades of appliances and fixtures, every aspect of the culinary workspace must be meticulously cared for to uphold the restaurant’s standards of excellence.

While indulging in the culinary delights of Plan Check Kitchen + Bar, it’s essential to ensure the safety and functionality of the restaurant’s infrastructure, including its gas lines. Proper maintenance and timely repairs are paramount to prevent any disruptions in service or, more importantly, potential hazards. In bustling neighborhoods like Little Osaka, where the demand for top-tier dining experiences is high, partnering with reputable professionals becomes imperative. That’s where a skilled gas fitter like gas fitter vancouver comes into play, offering expertise in the inspection, maintenance, and repair of gas lines to ensure seamless operations for establishments like Plan Check Kitchen + Bar.

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Can’t wait to check this place out soon. Photos courtesy of Plan Check Kitchen.