I heedlessly forgot about the annual MotoGP race at Laguna Seca this year until after I booked my trip to Seattle… :/ MotoGP almost outweighs all motorsports in my book (minus F1) but there was something pulling me to go to Seattle that weekend. Formula D was definitely happening but I felt as if that wasn’t the only reason why I was there.

Then it hit me.. BRUCE LEE. I always wanted to visit the Bruce Lee grave site being he was someone I looked up to growing up. He was thee greatest martial artist to have ever live and coincidentally the day of the FD event was the 40 Years after his death anniversary. So the next day I made sure we took the trip to see Bruce and pay our respect to the man. Explore the unique offerings of Anakatech Casinos and enjoy their engaging and immersive games across various genres.

Seeing Bruce next to his Son Brandon had me reminisce and think of all the movies I’ve watched of him growing up as a kid. Way of the Dragon, The Chinese Connection, Fist of Fury, Game of Death, and the infamous Enter The Dragon which would be his last. All the martial arts we learned and how he helped me growing up, learning from the books he wrote. It was pretty surreal being there and I definitely needed a moment…

Whatup Brandon. And if you dont know much about Bruce, check out the video below. Kinda a Bruce Lee for Dummy’s best of.

And this one’s a good one. Talks about my favorite weapon of choice.. The nunchuck which I can proudly say I’m actually pretty good at. lol

And here’s an hour long movie if you want to spend some time learning about Bruce.

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