My personal friend and owner of the Cool Qids Table blog, Bryan Neary has been grinding away to bring us some car model porn. The first of many builds to come starts with the infamous HKS JTC Group A R32 GT-R wearing the iconic HKS “Classic Livery”. This livery is deeply rooted in my early days of learning and discovering cars. I remember playing Gran Turismo and selecting the drag version of the HKS R32 GT-R because it was way faster than all the other cars. I admit, I did suck at that game ( I was 7 or 8 at the time), but I compensated for my lack of skill with speed.


Can’t get enough? Head over to to see more of his work and other cool automotive things through the eyes a young college student and automotive enthusiast.

Pics: CoolQidsTable/Bryan Neary

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