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11 Sep 2014

Nike Football Society LA Draft Day

As the NFL season begins so does the Nike Football Society LA albeit with less drama. With the combine now complete I prepped for draft day. This can make or break a player’s career as being part of a strong team is essential. My main goal is to have fun

10 Sep 2014


When I interviewed Ja Tecson for Tastemakers, conversation started to brew about teaming up for a photography show. After going back and forth on concepts, schedules, locations, etc, we all came to an agreement. Illest would host “Snapshots” – a show featuring Ja’s personal collection at our Little Tokyo store.

05 Sep 2014

Colorado Sand Sculpture

My family loves the beach, sometimes just to relax for a few hours, but most of the time you can find us on surfboards right beyond the break. Occasionally we get bored and the kids need something to keep them busy. At some point we begin to dig in the

04 Sep 2014

Offset Kings Canada

The long-anticipated Offset Kings event finally landed on Canadian soil last Monday during the labor day holiday! Our french-Canadian neighbors flocked to Autodrome St-Eustache to check out the Formula DRIFT action in addition to participating in Fatlace’s flagship event. I didn’t get a chance to attend but was fortunate to

03 Sep 2014

Hiero Day 2014

The third annual Hiero Day happened this past holiday weekend. It was also MaryJane’s third year of vending this event so we’re three for three! From the first Hiero Day on half a shared block of one artists stage and vendors countable on one hand, to what it is today…

02 Sep 2014


Join us for a Meet & Greet with Atsushi from Weld! Doors open at 3:00 PM this Saturday, September 6, 2014! Kick back, enjoy some BBQ, join in on the RC competition, and stick around for our prize giveaways! Fatlace RC Drift Circuit & Store: 790 S. Amphlett Blvd, San

31 Aug 2014

Honda Day 2014

As huge a fan of Honda I think I may be; I have never been to Honda Day at Englishtown. It wasn’t because of distance, or any other reason than my Hondas were never ready to be put on display for the world to see.  (I also had a fear

29 Aug 2014

Upshift Slammed Summer Meet

Better late than never! Here’s some coverage of the Upshift Slammed Summer Meet in Guam which happened on Sunday, July 27th! Despite the rain enthusiasts gathered, rides were put on display, and people still came through to check it all out! Once the rain stopped, everyone stepped out from cover