17 May 2016

Mini QFO

Scratching “on the go” has come a long way. My current setup consists of a Vestax portable turntable, Raiden Fader and Butter Rug. Beats I rock are Thudrumble (Warflex D-Styles & Goldvoltron) apps or “Yo stop frontin’”. Favorite record is D-Styles, Gag Ball Breaks vs. STD Breaks Skipless. I love

15 Feb 2016

Star Wars Kama Sutra

Star Wars Kama Sutra is a funny take on Star Wars action figures. Though they are toys, it’s not meant for young kids for obvious reasons. Leia’s revenge   No Jedi Mind Tricks here Nice book for the throne I flipped through the book and found a lot of funny

28 Dec 2015

Best 9 2015

Instagram hijacked my blogs, but here are the top 9 posts. 1: Took this when Moscone center was getting built. I hopped out of Mark’s bimmer and took the photo w/ a disposable camera. 2: Chris B’s wall 3: Caleb’s picture day 4: Watching Force Awakens w/ the fam 5:

07 Nov 2015

Bates & Zoro

While on vacation I still take photos of the same old stuff, art and cars. At Copenhagen, I saw this truck hit up by the infamous Bates and Zoro. It was not hard to miss. Dope to see their work in person!

10 Aug 2015

Dream Day 2015

The TDK Crew & NvrOvr are proud to present: Dream Day 2015 Saturday Aug. 15, 2015 1pm-7pm GreenPeace Yards 955 7th St. Oakland, Ca This event celebrates the life & legacy of Mike “Dream” Francisco.” August 15th is Mike Dream’s Birthday. – Live Painting by TDK Crew! – Live performances

03 Jul 2015

Twist One

Back in ’95, Mark and I met Barry while he was painting with Dug on Market Street. He asked us, “do you write?” and when I said “yeah Reign”, he is the only one who ever said “r-e-i-g-n?” Normally, people spell my name wrong, but he got it right. Twist

19 Feb 2015

Sriracha Chocolate Bars

If you like Sriracha and chocolate, you might want to try the Sriracha Chocolate bar. The original version can be only found on Think Geek. I heard there are some knock offs, but I wouldn’t bother with reps. Just like wheels, stick w/ the real. The flavor is dark chocolate

09 Feb 2015

San Francisco Beer Week w/ 21st Amendment Brewery

San Francisco Beer Week is upon us again! Every year we all strive to put together a week of fun and interesting events all over the Bay Area to showcase 21st Amendment Brewery. This year is no different! Our 21A Brewpub has a lineup of event it’s hosting, but we

20 Jun 2014

Lights Out

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a cool short that kind of reminds me of some places that I used to live. Watch the video in the dark with surround sound or quality headphones with some bass. Lights Out – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013) from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo. Here’s

13 Jun 2014

Spintronix Documentary : “GENERATIONS”`

Spintronix was one of the most influential DJ groups in the Bay Area. They had clean mixes and dope setups. I still listen to their mixes today! Check out this documentary for a blast from the past and a taste of Bay Area DJ history. Via DJ Shortkut