05 Feb 2012

Groove Theory Fri 2/17

It isn’t about the old school or the new school… it’s all about the True School! Groove Theory brought to you by KNT and your friends at Fatlace. Check out the party if you’re down with dope beats and bboying. The DJ line up is solid. Ciphers are sure to

02 Feb 2012

Touch a Truck

Touch a Truck is an awesome nonprofit event for kids to check out real life versions of their toys or vehicles they only see on TV. Aiden loves anything with wheels, so it was a no brainer that we were going. I heard that Mark’s S14 is always one of

24 Jan 2012


(Catch up) I heard that the best camera, is the one that’s with you. The camera that’s with me daily is my iPhone and below is a selection of some quick snaps uploaded to instagram. I love that app because it’s an excellent place to store your camera phone photos

05 Jan 2012

Legacy: The Art of Mike “Dream” Francisco

Manilatown Heritage Foundation presents: Legacy: The Art of Mike “Dream” Francisco Opening Reception Saturday January 14th, 2012 4pm to 7pm I-Hotel Manilatown Center, 868 Kearny St., San Francisco CA 94108 Legacy: The Art of Mike “Dream” Francisco honors the life of artist and writer Mike “Dream” Francisco who pioneered the

31 Dec 2011

2012 Illest Photo Contest!

Take a photo with anything “illest” tonight. Tag it with #illest2012 on twitter, instagram, or post on our FB page. We’ll select a winner and send out a prize pack. Deadline 1/2/12. You have all day to shoot tomorrow. Have a safe and Happy New Year! AND THE WINNERS ARE!

Screen shot 2011-12-18 at 8.22.28 AM
20 Dec 2011

Don’t Bomb These Walls (5 Pointz Documentary)

5 Pointz is a place I’d like to visit. Hope they don’t shut it down. We need a place like that in SF. A place to practice and push the art on the street where it belongs, without stress about getting caught or any attitudes.

Screen shot 2011-11-27 at 12.02.19 AM
26 Nov 2011

Rox Rite takes it home, Red Bull BC One 2011 Champ!

Congrats Rox Rite, the Illest B-Boy in the world, reppin Renegades SF. DJ Renegade was rockin the Fatlace X Renegades tee that night too. Can’t fade a Renegade!

16 Nov 2011

Fast Forward at 1:AM Art Gallery

It is an exciting time for the graffiti scene. Walls are being taken down and boundaries are being pushed beyond their limits… This evolution is fusing old with new school, graffiti with fine art. An innovative and fresh art form is emerging that has collectors and fans asking for more.

20 Oct 2011

Apex on Handstyles and SF Writing History

Apex drops some knowledge on writing, styles, can control and history. This is one of the best interviews I’ve seen because it explains a lot of what went down in the 80’s (in SF) up to what kids are into right now. He also talks about how visiting writers introduce

22 Sep 2011

Words with Estria

Interview by: Ronnie San Felipe I first met Estria at Psycho City when he and Crayone were painting the giant BBoy and Baby Blue production back in the early 90′s. It’s dope to see that these guys are still rockin and putting up burners worldwide. Estria has been busy with