19 Feb 2015

Sriracha Chocolate Bars

If you like Sriracha and chocolate, you might want to try the Sriracha Chocolate bar. The original version can be only found on Think Geek. I heard there are some knock offs, but I wouldn’t bother with reps. Just like wheels, stick w/ the real. The flavor is dark chocolate

09 Feb 2015

San Francisco Beer Week w/ 21st Amendment Brewery

San Francisco Beer Week is upon us again! Every year we all strive to put together a week of fun and interesting events all over the Bay Area to showcase 21st Amendment Brewery. This year is no different! Our 21A Brewpub has a lineup of event it’s hosting, but we

20 Jun 2014

Lights Out

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a cool short that kind of reminds me of some places that I used to live. Watch the video in the dark with surround sound or quality headphones with some bass. Lights Out – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013) from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo. Here’s

13 Jun 2014

Spintronix Documentary : “GENERATIONS”`

Spintronix was one of the most influential DJ groups in the Bay Area. They had clean mixes and dope setups. I still listen to their mixes today! Check out this documentary for a blast from the past and a taste of Bay Area DJ history. Via DJ Shortkut

26 Jan 2014

Lunchtime Run

Ran 2 miles during lunch. The landmarks were Pier 14 and AT&T Park. That’s about 1.1 miles according to Google Maps. Instead of a continuous run, there was a lunch break at Primo Patio. I went with Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Ended the day with a smoothie. Banana, Strawbeerry, Mango and

15 Nov 2013

Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle 2013

Estria Battle took a two year break but was back for 2013. It’s always good the see the usual suspects like Estria, Bam and Nate1. The spray can art battle was judged by the infamous artists: Risk, Doze Green and Codak. I was lucky enough to catch all of them

22 Oct 2013

A Warrior’s Dream

Check out this cool short of Donnie Yen vs. Bruce Lee. Animation has gone along way! Would be a cool video game.     A Warrior’s Dream is a 3D animated short film with photorealistic visual style. The story is about a martial artist’s combat with his imaginary opponent. The martial

03 Oct 2013

Estria Battle is Back

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRISM: Urban Art and Culture Festival The Estria Foundation will sponsor 2 weeks of cultural happenings and curated events for the community of Oakland and beyond. September 28 – October 12, 2013 September 24, 2013–Oakland, CA. The Prism: Urban Art and Culture Festival encompasses a series

27 Sep 2013

Flashback Friday

  Music can bring back memories. This mix by DJ Pleez covers a couple decades of dope hip hop classics that will definitely take you back. Super clean mix and song selection is on point… new DJs, take some notes. check it out: PRESS RECORD: THE “OLD SCHOOL” HIP HOP

18 Sep 2013

Sound of Honda -Ayrton Senna 1989

This would be cool to experience. Honda took the race data and put together the sounds w/ a set of lights simulating the fastest lap time set by Senna in 1989. Source: Honda