Q-Bert is usually travelling around the world and I was lucky enough to catch him at San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences. (Shout out to Nicaela for letting me know about this event!) I went there with Mike and Mikey, super last minute and bought tickets the same day of the performance. When we arrived, Q was practicing and the bouncers wouldn’t let us in the room. That meant it was time to get something to eat. Ended up getting some sushi at the cafeteria.

After a quick bite, I saw Ritchie and Rome Diggs. Around the corner was Q-bert and Jivan Ivan. We caught up for a few minutes then made our way to the main room.

Q-Bert said that this was his favorite club in the world. I also thought is was a cool venue. It was laid back, sound was good and the crowd was mellow. We killed some time checking out the Philippine Reefs.

Amy Robbins was holding it down at the beginning.

We sat at a table and had a couple drinks. It got more crowded towards the stage then Q-Bert got on the decks. Peep this clean coverage from Kenny Hoff:

Things got serious when I heard this beat. Sorry about the shaky footage! You can sync my audio to the video above at around 22:00.

After watching one of the dopest live performers in the world, we grabbed some more food in the neighborhood

and saw a cool throwie