My family loves the beach, sometimes just to relax for a few hours, but most of the time you can find us on surfboards right beyond the break. Occasionally we get bored and the kids need something to keep them busy. At some point we begin to dig in the sand, and somewhere out of the pile of sand a sandcastle begins to take life. I’ve never really been any good at building these things but it seems to keep their attention and we always have a good time trying to make something out of nothing. There are no plans, its basically a whatever happens…happens type of scenario. Within a few minutes of completion the sand begins to fall apart, get washed away by the tide, or gets kicked by some punk 3 year old a few chairs away! Never the less always a fun experience. I guess this is why I was so amazed when I first saw this video of the 2015 U.S. Sand Sculpting Championships teaming up with the marketing folks for the all new Chevrolet Colorado.
This event took place in San Diego this past weekend and a time lapse video was captured all while this unbelievable creation took form. The effort that went into making this sculpture as well as the time that it took (3days), will leave you in awe when you watch this one minute edit of the entire process!

Outfitted with OEM wheels, a grille, headlamps, tail lamps, nameplates, and emblems. I guess you can say this is one impressive build!

“It’s a great fit for the Colorado to be partnered with the U.S. Sand Sculpting Championships,” said Tony Johnson, Colorado marketing manager. “With Southern California being the largest mid-size truck market in the country, the Colorado is right at home here in San Diego.”