It’s really hard for me to put into words just how crazy Crazy 4 Cult: New York really was. I’ve been to many Gallery 1988 shows and had seen the lines, the fans, and the pandaemonium of opening night, but New York was a whole other animal. The line stretched three sides of the block…I think that’s a first.

Here’s one of those standard “line” photos you can always expect with hypbeastie-news-coverage:

Yeah. The line was long. So long that for the first time in New York, I witnessed those rich hipster girls you always dream of hitting on cry because they couldn’t cut the line… I mean, it’s a nerd pop-culture show. I love it when tables turn.

I think when Jensen talked about with how this art can connect with you, he was definitely right. I mean, there’s no other gallery I could stay five hours in without getting bored. Last week I tried the MoMa and left after half an hour.

All of the Expresso Beans kids were all trying to get that Olly Moss piece. I guess Olly Moss is kind of the “Jordan 4” of the pop-art-game. No matter what, the Olly Moss of the show will always sell out on opening night.

When I saw these pieces by Todd, I was very moved. Obviously I first thought about Wes Anderson’s films, but I then thought deeply about having relations with people you are not supposed to have relations with. Then I thought about how long it’s been since I’ve been in love… or since I’ve even been in like-like. Yeah, deep stuff. Towards the middle of the show I became obsessed with these pieces. I wanted to buy these to remind me that it’s ok to fall in love with my adopted sister, but somebody already beat me to the punch. Damn you red sticker!

I picked up two pieces from the show. This print is one of them. I cropped it out, but Ramona’s butt is awesome. Gawd, I’m such a perv.

This is a video I made for Gallery 1988 on the show. As you can tell, I am obsessed with Scott Pilgrim. What the video can not show you is just how many friendships this show created. I saw artists bond with artists they haven’t seen in years. I saw fans from across the world meet new friends and share contact info to print-hunt together. I even saw a couple of couples being made. Crazy 4 Cult… best match maker ever. Who would have thought?

So if you couldn’t make it opening night, make sure you go check out the work before it’s too late. Hope to run into you! I’ll be the guy starring at the Tenenbaums.





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