‘Pyroglyphiks,’ a style created by legendary PHASE2,  is not about rockin’ your name or ego. It is a meaningful, selfless & complex way of expression rocked on a massive scale, that encourages the viewer to feel positive vibes & energy flow of the entire piece verses reading the word. This piece was unveiled at the MIGHTY 4 Honolulu today Sat September 15th.

This Pyroglyphiks art piece reads ‘ANCESTORS’ and is dedicated to honor, respect & to remind us to never forget.  Within the past year some of my closest friends have lost a parent and I wanted to dedicate something special to them (as well as myself) to celebrate their lives so I created this 50’ft piece that took almost 3 weeks to complete.

Love and Light Mom, Paulskeee Dad Rolando Ruma and Dj Qberts Dad Hilario Quitevis

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