East3 NEOMP murals
30 Sep 2014

Not Even Once Mural Project Fall 2014

  Big Mahalo Nui to Illest & all our sponsors for donating towards the fall 2014 Not Even Once Mural Project (NEOMP) in partnership with Hawaii Meth Project.  This mural project is a statewide anti-meth campaign within the island chain of Hawai’i.  We painted 4 murals at 4 high schools

23 Jun 2014

Not Even Once Mural Project NEOMP

This morning I had an opportunity to share a community project call Not Even Once Mural Project NEOMP on KHON Wake Up 2Day morning news with my student Akira One (15 yrs old) doing live art.  The focus of this project is to bring awareness through art to the dangers

27 Feb 2014

Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 Highlights

For the past few weeks, I’ve been spending any of my free time working on photos from Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 where the initial set of over 1,000 photos has now become around 250 final post processed products.  So to most effectively share this experience, I have split up what

09 Dec 2013


Aloha Nui everyone!  Check out this public mural works project in Hawaii called Pow Wow Hawaii.  This video celebrates the 3rd annual week long event, the Kanaka lifestyle (Hawai’i and the people) and the artist who come to celebrate the energy of this great place! POW! WOW! HAWAII 2013 from

13 Jun 2013


EAST3: In my opinion you are a innovator of a style that many have been influenced by. Describe your approach and creative process. CHOR BOOGIE: Well fair and foremost I just paint.. its more improv than anything.. i approach it like a shaolin master would approach his teachings with balance

26 Apr 2013


EAST3:  Mahalo for taking the time to do this interview and respect to you and the entire Gold Chain Military fam! Breakdown what and whom are a part of GCM (Gold Chain Military)? TRISTATE:  Gold symbolizes Royalty, The Chain when connected is a 360 degree complete circle that symbolizes the

15 Apr 2013


East3: Always good to interview the fam, I knew Jeskilz since our RSC days, mad cool peoples. Jes, Break down a little about your self and what you represent?   Jeskilz: Hey watup East, hope all is well with you. To tell you a lil bit about myself I was born

08 Apr 2013

Trysen “Tkay” Kaneshige Interview

East3: I’d like to introduce you to Tkay from the beautiful island Kauai. Mahalo for taking the time during a very busy schedule to do this interview. Tell us what you are all about and what projects are you working on?   Tkay: Thanks East3, I am currently a Senior

01 Apr 2013


EAST3:  Bailrok! Mahalo for taking the time to do this interview with me!   You are such an inspiration to all ages! East3:  What or whom inspired you to be a part of Hip Hop and dancing?  At what age did you start dancing? BAILROK:  I have always loved to dance

15 Mar 2013

Justin Bua Interview

East3:  ALOHA Justin Bua!  Mahalo Nui for taking the time to do this interview!  I am a big fan and I’m hyped to do this! East3:  Can you share your art history (when you started and how you evolved) and background (art school or self taught)?  At what age did