I’ve been posting up a few friends that were kind enough to share their every day carry. This time around Sean Klingelhoefer sent me his and this just reminded me that I can’t wait to get the new iphone 6 coming out soon. Android is cool and all but the simplicity of the design of an iphone is the reason why I’ve stayed with apple all these years. I’m also impressed with Sean’s clean aesthetics and its good to know people still carry cologne.

Name – Sean Klingelhoefer
Employer – Self-employed commercial photographer / Feature Editor at Speedhunters

Daily – On a typical day when I’m not shooting I’m usually spending time thinking about cars and brainstorming future shoots. I also spend a lot of time on the computer sorting through images and retouching. To break things up I try to walk at least two miles every day to the coffee shop or the market which is very irregular for Los Angelenos but it gives me time to be by myself and spark creativity.

In Seans photo –

1- Supreme hat. I literally have about a hundred of these things, I seldom leave home without one.

2 – Supreme Wellington sunglasses. Probably starting to see a pattern forming here.

3 – 64gb factory unlocked iPhone 5s. I like to have little things I find beautiful to look at and exciting to touch, hence why you don’t see a case on my phone. Putting a case on a phone to me is like putting a bra on a car – what’s the point of protecting something you’re never going to show? For me the best part of the iPhone is the way it looks and feels. If I’m clumsy enough to drop it, I’ll buy a new one. Since I travel a lot having an unlocked phone allows me to switch SIMs when I’m abroad. It’s more expensive up front, but it pays you back in dividends when you avoid international voice and data fees.

4 – 120gb iPod classic. I don’t know where I’d be without this thing. My girlfriend bought it as a gift for christmas 2009. I have no idea how many hours it’s logged since then but it must be immense and to be honest I’m amazed it still works. It currently holds 87gb of music, which translates to 17,371. Music is truly the lifeblood of my creative process and I cannot say how important it is to me. I listen to music for at least several hours every day. Although I don’t make a living making music, I’d sooner give up photography than let go of this part of my life.

5 – Etymotic research ER-4PT IDMs. While they might not look like much on the surface, these aren’t your average headphones. Google them. As they say, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. For me it’s a moot point to simply listen to music, it needs to be listened to in high-definition the way it was intended to be heard with a proper studio quality monitor. With the foam tips they block out an astonishing amount of ambient sound (-42db!) and take the concept of “noise canceling” to another level. Unbelievably comfortable to boot, they’re the perfect companion whether I’m walking to the coffee shop or taking a trans-continental flight.

6 – Comme des Garçons cologne. Despite a pretty poor sense of smell, I put a lot of emphasis on surrounding myself with nice fragrances. For some reason Comme can’t get it wrong when it comes to cologne, and virtually all of there scents are unisex so if you’re lucky you can talk your girl into buying them for you. I typically have several at a time, but my most recent is White.

7 – Burts Bees lip balm. I don’t think this stuff needs an introduction. It’s the best. The labels always get destroyed in my pocket, but other than that I’m a happy customer.

8 – Business cards. I’ve had about a dozen over my career ranging from full-service mechanic to magazine editor, but I’m most proud of my current digital business card. I finally set out on my own in 2012 as a full fledged commercial photographer and this is the second card I’ve made for my growing business. Designed by my friend Davor Krvavac (CD for Nike at AKQA London) and hand letterpresses locally in LA, these thick and sleek cards do a great job of conveying my brand and aesthetic beliefs and the tactile experience of vintage letterpress can’t be beaten.

9 – BMW 328i key. You know you’re getting old when you no longer want to drive a modified car every day. While I will admit I still love building and driving and tracking my other cars, there’s something nice about stepping into a brand new BMW when it comes time to sit in LA traffic, take clients out for a meeting or head on a long road trip. The car does everything so well that I have to admit I don’t really miss driving my other cars too often.

10 – Keys. My other keys are for my house and Snap-on tool boxes. I also carry a Supreme leatherman which comes in handy on-set and hang it all from a Carhartt WIP carabiner. Most importantly I carry around the dog tag from my childhood Golden Retriever “Flap.” He passed back in 2001 but I still take him everywhere I go.

11 – Visvim leather zip wallet. I typically go through about one wallet a decade, so I try to buy something well made and timeless. I think the Japanese do the best job at smaller storage items like coin purses, shoulder bags and wallets. When I came across this full grain piece from Visvim I knew I had to have it.

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Lived the Agency life for over a decade and then moved to client side and helped in launching the biggest brand Nike has to date, Nike Sportswear as the Global Digital Lead.

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